• 142R

    142R is the next generation of high-efficiency, fractional-horsepower outdoor motors. 142R is ideally suited to outdoor applications such as split system outdoor units, package units, or any other prop fan air-moving that requires a 1/5, 1/3, 1/2 or 3/4 horsepower, 300-1200 RPM motor.

    2.3 Motor

    The 2.3 motor is a continuation of the 2.0 motor product.The product served the indoor blower market for almost all residential HVAC systems. The 2.3 motor is no longer available for purchase. Visit the Eon motor page for the next generation of this product 


    3.0 features built-in BlaKBox Technology and the AirKom™ operating system, which lets equipment manufacturers create forced-air systems that are more advanced, more reliable, and easier to service. Systems that utilize the 3.0 have fewer set-up steps because the motor enables true plug & play self-recognition software and a user interface that can control system, set-up and troubleshooting.


    DEC Star® Blower

    The DEC Star® blower is a unique blower system that removes the motor from the blower inlet, eliminating restriction and improving system efficiencies.

    Endura Pro

    Designed as a smart alternative to the X13, the new Endura Pro features a constant torque 48 frame ECM. When compared to the X13, Endura Pro delivers a series of on-going improvements in multiple areas, plus increased overall reliability.


    The Eon™ motor is a drop-in upgrade for the original ECM 2.3 motor. The motor is commonly used in applications in residential HVAC furnaces and air handlers, commercial variable air volume systems and fan filter units.

    EON 42

    The EON 42 is the latest in the EON line of energy efficient motors. The EON 42 is a more energy efficient solution for the standard PSC motor found in many fan coils and blower deck applications today saving up to 56% of the electricity consumed by the motor.

    Evergreen EM Motor

    The Evergreen® EM motor is designed to replace OEM ECM X13® motors quickly and easily. The Evergreen EM motor is preprogrammed at the factory to provide the same comfort, lower utility bills and air quality as the OEM X13 ECM motor.

    Evergreen OM Motor

    The Evergreen outdoor motor, also known as Evergreen OM motor, is designed for direct-drive fan propeller applications in residential systems up to 5-tons. Easily replaces 6 Pole (1,100 rpm rated) and 8 pole (850 rpm rated) shaded pole or PSC motors.

    Evergreen PF Motor

    The Evergreen PF motor is a drop-in replacement for original pedestal fan motors, and is a cost-effective solution to replacing an entire fan assembly.

    Evergreen® EM Control Module - NEW RELEASE!

    Save the Motor - Replace the Control!  Genuine Genteq® control module for Genteq X13®, Endura® Pro, and Evergreen EM motors.

    Evergreen® IM Motor

    Evergreen® IM motors are high-efficiency ECM replacement motors designed to replace factory PSC indoor blower motors in HVAC systems.

    Evergreen® VS Motor and User Interface - NEW PRODUCT!!!

    The Evergreen® VS motor and Evergreen VS user interface are designed to replace Genteq® constant airflow (variable speed) ECM indoor blower motors.

    High Efficiency Blower (HEB)

    Genteq's High Efficiency Blower (HEB) reduces input wattage by 15 to 35 percent over standard blowers with traditional ECM motors.