• Genteq Reinvents Efficient Comfort

    November 25, 2014

    The EON 42™ is a smaller version of the energy-saving ECM variable-speed product line by Genteq. It is an energy-saving solution for the standard PSC motor found in many fan coils and blower deck applications. The innovative design enables the EON 42 to save up to 56 percent of the electricity consumed by the motor and delivers efficiencies that exceed 78 percent. Easy installation with PWM control allows for fully variable speed retrofits. While many electric motor-driven devices operate at full speed even when the loads they are serving are less than their capacity, installing the EON 42 with variable speed drive allows the motor’s output to match its load’s actual demand, drastically increasing the motor’s efficiency. The Eon 42 provides wide range of horsepower, voltage, and features making it the simplest and most cost-effective upgrade solution for your next commercial installation.
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     Sachin12/22/2014 6:44:58 AM

    this is nice article

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