• New Fan Energy Rating Regulation Benefits HVAC Industry

    April 27, 2018

    The DOE (Department of Energy) fan energy regulation is driving technical innovation that benefit the HVACR industry. The previous furnace energy standards were set in 1987. The new 2014 rules set by the DOE are the first regulations specifically aimed at furnace fans. These new standards, which take effect in 2019, specify maximum fan energy ratings based on airflow provided by furnace fans. The goals of the FER mandate are to reduce energy consumption in furnaces by approximately 40% in 30 years, saving an equivalent of 500 billion kWh—energy savings equal to the annual electricity use of about 47 million U.S. households—and lower CO2 emissions by 180 million megatons. Regal partners with customers to elevate their products and meet these new standards.

    Read the RSES Journal article to learn more.

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