• HID Lighting Dry Capacitors

    This capacitor series is designed specifically for the HID Lighting applications where the capacitor are used as part of the ballast circuit for mercury vapor, metal halide, and high-pressure sodium lamps. The units are designed to operate at up to 90ºC, which is the normal requirement for HID ballast capacitors. Due to advances in material technology and breakthroughs in proprietary capacitor manufacturing processes, selected ratings are now available for operation up to 100ºC for 60,000 hours.


    • Capacitance: 5uF to 60uF                              
    • Tolerance: +/-3%                                              
    • Voltage: 280 to 580 VAC                                    
    • Op. Temp.: -40C to +90C; - 40C to +100C 


    • Proven EIA-456-A compliant 60,000 hour reliability                                                    
    • High-grade metal polypropylene film                                                                              
    • Contains proprietary Genteq dielectric oil                                                    
    • Inventor of utilized pressure sensitive interrupter (PSI)                          
    • cULus approved, CSA certified                      
    • RoHS Compliant                                              
    • Subjected to 100% electrical testing for: Capacitance, Dissipation factor, High-potential electrical withstand             


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