• 3.0

    With premium ThinkTank features like constant-airflow, a wide speed range, and climate-specific profiles and the new motor's BlaKBox fault reporting, 3.0 allows more accurate operation for the entire HVAC system. 3.0 is also compatible with the TECINspect troubleshooting tool with the use of a freely-available connection adapter.

    The OEM control board also requires fewer set-ups. It can automatically recognize the connected units to set the required airflow for heating and cooling, zoning and more.

    Now more than ever the manufacturer manuals will be needed to properly install and service this new technology. Everything about this system will be OEM specific including troubleshooting. As every OEM pre-programs the motors for their unit.

    3.0 motors will only replace 2.5 and 3.0 motors. The control module can still be replaced separately from the motor module. The programs for the furnace or air handler the motor is used in, and the air conditioner it is connected to, are stored in the OEM control board.


    • Constant CFM, constant torque, brushless DC motor                                      
    • 120V/240VAC single-phase input, 50/60Hz                                                            
    • Designed for direct-drive blower applications in residential systems up to 5-tons                                       
    • Available in 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 HP ratings                                                                
    • Operating speed range of 200 - 1300 rpm and a high speed option at 200 - 1800 rpm                                   
    • NEMA 48-frame                                                
    • UL and cUL recognized component                  
    • ROHS compliant and CE marked 


    • Variable speed operation from 200-1300 rpm and a high speed option at 200-1800 rpm                            
    • Digital Serial Interface (DSI) or fully variable (PWM)                                                
    • 6kV surge protection                                   
    • BlaKBox diagnostics                                     
    • Replacement control module or motor module                                                 
    • Ball bearings 


    • Efficiency up to 80%                                          
    • Constant torque or constant airflow    
    • Adjustable off-delay and on-delay/wide ramping range                            
    • Encapsulated Electronics                              
    • Low audible noise due to patented, resilient rotor design 


    • Designed for direct-drive blower applications in residential systems up to 5-tons

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