• High Efficiency Blower (HEB)

    Genteq's High Efficiency Blower (HEB) reduces input wattage by 15 to 35 percent over standard blowers with traditional ECM motors.


    • Forward curved blower system                                  
    • Motors available: PSC (including multi-speed)          
    • Genteq X13 (constant torque)                                
    • Genteq ECM (constant CFM)                                      
    • Available with 10" impeller (10.62 OD Impeller). Various widths are available.                
    • Operating speed range of 500-1300 rpm                    


    • Saves from 10% to 30% of the watts as compared to standard technology blowers        
    • Sound quality is equal or superior to standard technology blower systems.                               


    • Low profile to fit most applications                      
    • Uses proven impellers that are accepted by the industry                            
    • Often fits same mounting arrangements and existing blowers                    
    • 10" version operates most HVAC appliances up to 2000 CFM, the 11" version operates up to 2500 cfm. 11" version often more efficiency at 5T flows. 9" available soon  


    • HVAC appliances such as furnaces, fan coil units, air handlers, ground source heat pumps, etc.
    • General air moving where low energy usage is important.

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